We are about “making it work”. Small and Medium Businesses (SMB) simply can’t afford the typical consultant. Our CEO, Bryant Delaney, has started 14 businesses, worked on more than two dozen mergers and acquisitions and simply enjoys helping other business learn from his successes and mistakes. The most important part of running a business are the resources to get through obstacles as fast, and affordable as possible.

Bryant was transferred to El Paso, Texas for his first sales assignment. Not knowing anyone and with virtually no sales experience, he was struggling to close deals. One day a District Sales Manager from Corporate had a layover at the airport. Bryant expressed his frustrations and after Guy asked a few questions he explained “You are doing everything right and the proposals will eventually become orders”. That small burst of encouragement allowed Bryant to start breaking records as “the youngest” to hit sales quota’s. That little lesson taught him the value of having someone to talk with. We’ve grown businesses from $0 to $15M in less than 1 year; from $80-$300M in 3 years; from $14M to $97M in 50 weeks. Triple digit quarter to quarter growth is real exciting!

Our philosophy is to make you business run at optimal performance. We accomplish this by crafting a solid foundation – Sales, Marketing, Distribution, Customer Service with the CASH FLOW to support the enterprise. Our experience with billion dollar operations and dozen’s of industries brings the strengths of big business to small and medium businesses.

We price our services based on our clients ability to pay. We’re not afraid of working with clients with negative cash flow. Depending on what resources are required, our preference is receive our reward based on performance. So don’t be afraid to call. We respond quickly and can understand the situation typically in a couple of hours.