After Crowdfunding

Congrats on Your Crowdfunding Campaign!

Now Its Time To Build Your Invention Into Your Business

Creating a business requires the skills of craftsmen that have honed their skills over hundreds of projects. 28% of crowdfunding campaigns hit their target and even fewer build a viable, long term business. Inventors provide the most value inventing new products. Keep inventing and contract with the Company Carpenter to execute your dreams. We will get you there faster plus create the economic and social value required to build a sustainable company.

  • Business Basics: You are going to go from a zero to a lot of dollars in sales. You need leadership from craftsmen who have been there; forecasting revenue and income; point of sale packaging and displays, and you’ll need a short or long term exit strategy. Build a blueprint and follow it.
  • Business Operations:  Accounts payable, accounts receivable, compliance, taxes, investments, and import/exporting are some of the boring daily processes must be executed. You’ll need a lot more money than your campaign generates and some form of equity or debt financing.
  • Logistics: Exceeding customer expectations make great products become great company’s. You must excel at sourcing, manufacturing, supplier contracts, customer service, information technology systems and lots of other tedious but critical processes. Getting this all done will probably require working in multiple Country’s.
  • Sales and Marketing: You will need more than a crowdfunding campaign to build a business. Sales channels are complex networks of knowing the right people; Marketing is a lot more than social media; Pricing must include multiple discount structures and built in obsolescence; Business development isn’t just going to trade shows; You may need E-channels and TV channels and you don’t want to ignore international markets.

Call Us – we can help you get started – or get you out of a mess.