The skill of a craftsman is developed by strong mentoring and hands-on experience. We have studied from the best, worked with the high dollar consultants, and learned from the school of hard knocks. Save yourself a few bruises and learn from our experience and we will learn from yours.

Our experience is across many industries and all segments of your business. We approach our projects as a “business process” not individual pieces. The list of our projects is long and with a quick perusal, you are sure to find the expertise you require:

  1. Business Plan and Sales Channel Development, IT Healthcare; The business owner has 20+ years experience in healthcare IT and recently has been working on California’s Healthcare Exchange. With the explosion in healthcare projects due to the Affordable Healthcare Act (ACA), there is opportunity to expand his business.
    Solution: We are researching the healthcare IT market to finalize a Business Plan (8-12 pages), Business Plan Summary (1 oage), 3 year Pro Forma, documenting Use Cases and Requirements for the software development team, building a sales and marketing plan heaving on channel partnerships, assistance in processing Patents, and providing introductions to key partnerships.
  2. Business Plan Development for a new form of search engine; The client is developing a new form of search engine focused on small and medium business. Solution: we are developing the business plan, summary, pro forma and software requirements to develop what may become the AngiesList for small and medium business.  www.BestIn.Bz
  3. Network Security, Landscaping Retailer; The client was experiencing erratic behavior with the accounting software (Quickbooks Enterprise). Invoices and supplier payments were thought to disappear from one day to the next. Evidence suggested a hacker but didn’t suggest this was the actual cause.
    Solution: At the business owners request a keystroke monitor was installed tracking keystrokes and keywords; the office was swept for bugs, the network checked for unauthorized access (especially wireless access). Our knowledge of software and databases quickly identified a problem and Quickbooks was contacted. Their help desk was worthless so we contacted the CEO Quickbooks to confirm our suspicions. The problem was Quickbooks installs it’s own “user” on your computer and this user didn’t have proper security privileges to execute weekly updates. Easily solved and now the owner knows they have a clean network.
  4. Sales Channel Development, Broadband Connectivity; We had two clients who sell broadband connectivity to small and medium business. The challenge was developing a new sales channel.
    Solution: Our team researched existing channels where partnerships could increase sales, margins and profits. We researched over 1,000 cloud application developers and realized the market was pre-mature for an effective solution. Basically the cloud application market will go through intensive consolidation and its too early to pick the winners.
  5. Business Analytic s and Process Improvements, Aerospace; The business had 3 challenges: A) Sarbanes Oxley compliance; B) tracking and paying for their contingent workforce; and C) excessive operational procurement costs.
    Solution: For all 3 tasks we conducted a business and process analysis to determine root cause. for A) we developed a metric driven reporting system to train the appropriate stakeholders. Compliance was attained in 90 days; B) we deployed a simple database collecting data from SAP (their ERP system) to track variances; and C) we documented the requirements, collected stakeholder approval and developed a web based application to process low dollar requisitions through purchasing cards and high dollar procurements through SAP resulting in $5M+ annualized savings. We also provided assistance for large scale IT Help Desk, mobility and broadband connectivity contract negotiations.
  6. BattleScores, Video Game Handicapping System; The business owner developed a complicated algorithm to handicap online multiplayer video games.
    Solution: We wrote the business plan, summary, pro forma and software requirements, presented to venture capital organization and closed $2.5M investment. We also managed the software development team for an application to deployed on 10K+ servers worldwide.
  7. Web Sites and Portals; We have developed large scale portals for company’s like Hewlett Packard, e-commerce sites, blogs and small business web site. We know how to play to SEO and SEM game, traffic generation and social media exploitation. We even build personal blogs!
  8. Consulting; We spent 10+ years consulting on business analytical and process improvement. Some examples:Time to pay suppliers exceeded 100 days; through process improvements we reduced the time to 33 days.
    New product development; the client had developed a new product and we assisted on developing the sales presentations plus provided introductions to E-Bay and Amazon that concluded in successful sales.
    Total Quality Management training; We provided to two Fortune 200 company with TQM training throughout the organization.
    Supply Chain Improvement; We have worked on multiple supply chain improvements from Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) through XML transactions.
  9. Distribution and Light Assembly; We developed the processes and metrics to process 10K+ purchase orders daily, managed procurement and inventory for $280M, and distributed orders for UPS’s 8th largest customer at the time. Some achievements – inventory turns reduced from 2 to over 20; returns reduced from 18% to less than 3%; time to deliver from receipt of order from 28 days to 3.3.
  10. Retail; Managed all aspects for retail operations from 1 store to 16.
  11. Business to Business; Managed procurement and sales for B2B firms.
  12. Manufacturing; We have developed process improvement and managed manufacturing for multiple products.
  13. Sales; We built the 3rd largest PC manufacturer in Mexico; grew a retail store from $1M – $36M, a importer from $0- $15M, a B2B reseller from $80-$280M.
  14. International; We provided process improvements as well as Import/Export and Free Trade Zone expertise to Ampex, Motorola, Zenith and others with manufacturing plants in Mexico.