We have tested over 300 WordPress Plugins. Most have a title and or description that makes you think it does what you need. But after a couple of hours of trying to figure it out, you delete it.

Here’s the two best WordPress plugins we found in 2014:

#1 – ORBTR

Sales and Lead Management

Most web site owners do not know the difference between Traffic Analysis, CRM, and Lead Management.

  • Traffic Analysis provides high level information about who visits your site: Country, Computer System, Date, Time and number of page views. (i.e., Google Analytics)
  • CRM provides great detail – if you have known customers coming to your web site. (SalesForce.com)
  • Lead Management turns Traffic Analysis into useful data. In many instances, you’ll learn the email address, Facebook account or other meaningful information about who visits your web site. When you know the details, you can improve your web site and even go as far as remarketing to them. This is very powerful – when done right.

#2 – UpDraftPlus

Backup of your WordPress Site and Database

It is rare when we find a web site owner who has a backup of their web site. Most think its “safe in the cloud”. But its not. If you are not backing up your web site, no one is.

UpDraftPlus is a great tool. It backs up both your WordPress files and your SQL DATABASE. If you don’t backup both, you cannot recover your web site. WordPress files contain the software code that delivers your content to your site visitors. The SQL database contains your CONTENT. If you lose your content, you have to re-write everything!

With a tool like this, there’s no reason not to have a current backup.