Business Consulting

Our experience helps you get results as fast as possible. We have personally created dozens of companies. Most from the ground up some have we’ve helped grow to $300M. We have processed tens of thousands of orders daily, set the pace for well above average inventory turns and managed supply chains on a global scale.

We know how to focus on the small steps because we know what and how the affect the big picture. You can now take advantage of all our knowledge and experience to accelerate the growth of your business. 

There is no reason to re-create everything. We build upon what you already have created. Our experience shows you probably only need a few minor tweaks. We quickly identify areas that can improve your business and execute.

We start by looking at data and asking questions. But we quickly move into actually doing the job. Our knowledge grows quickly when we roll up our sleeves and actually do the work. Maybe we make sales calls, or jump into the warehouse and pick, pack and ship; we aren’t afraid of answering the phone and responding to emails. We do what ever it takes to learn your business, find the strengths and eliminate weaknesses. 

Our philosophy is based on “great ideas need 4 strong corners to build a viable, sustainable, and profitable business”.

Crowdfunding may be an option. We know how to help you decide and can make your efforts successful. 

The new omni channel distribution model has changed the math behind Margins. Do you know what the right margins are? 

Cash gets lost in AR and Inventory causing pain for suppliers and employees. Are you experiencing this pain?

What are the best sales channels to sell your products and services? Are you leveraging 100% of your resources?