Work Products

These are samples of our projects. Every project starts with documents describing the project in detail similar to a business plan. A business plan is more than a document for investors. You should prepare a business plan for every project you take on. The plan is a blueprint to success. All objectives, resources required, timeline and budget are clearly visible. Plus you will be able to share your vision with everyone participating on the project.

We have drafted a number of business plan for multiple projects. Each is crafted based on the design of the stakeholders. Each is unique yet follows similar concepts.

Due to various NDA’s, we have redacted  anything that could identify our clients. These are intended to create an idea of they type of work we can accomplish and to set the foundation of the different levels of effort we can attain based on your intentions and budget. We frequently work on multiple projects for the same client providing a single point of support.

Our experience covers Fortune 100 size company’s to early stage startup across multiple industries so we know what it takes to build systems, processes and procedures for internal and external stakeholders.

1. Business Analytics – Aerospace

Objective: Identify lower cost method to procure supplies

Stakeholders: Procurement team, Compliance and various manufacturing divisions

Budget: $750K

Result: Quote to Cash system reducing procurement costs by 80%

2. Increase Sales

Objective: Increase revenue and margins

Stakeholders: Company ownership team

Budget: $150K

Result: New (higher) pricing model, production plan to match sales, new sales team and training = 300% sales increase in 6 months

3. Project Management

Objective: Get project back on schedule

Stakeholders: Board of Directors, CEO, IT/Product Managers, developers, QA/QC, UI/UX ($5B+ company)

Budget: $5M

Result: Project back on track within 45 days and delivered on time

4. Business Plan – Human Resources Software 

Objective: Secure $600K in seed (angel) second round financing

Stakeholders: First round investors

Budget: $60K

Result: Secured $150K in angel funding for beta testing

5. Business Plan Executive Summary

Objective: Secure $2.5M in funding

Stakeholders: First and second round investors

Result: Secured $2.5M in funding

6. Internal Business Plan

Objective: Reduce cost associated with a complex Federal Government procurement process

Stakeholder: 8 departments

Budget: implementation required $5M

Result: $22M annual savings

7. Grant for Native American Company and Tribe

Objective: Secure a Government Grant for a Native American owned small business to install high speed internet access on a Native American Reservation

Stakeholder: Small Business owners and Directors; Native American Tribal Council; Federal Government

Budget: implementation required $2.5M

Result: Grant was awarded

8. Project Plan

Objective: Define the time and resources available for this project

Stakeholders: Internal management, programmers, external consultants

Budget: $750K

Result: Clarified critical milestones and accurately predicted resources

9. Business Plan

Objective: Define the presentation materials for seed investors

Stakeholders: Founders

Budget: $30K + equity

Result: Developed 5 year proforma for sales and operations; 1 page executive summary and business plan; investor presentations; patent applications; secured $300K+.

10. Crowdfunding Campaign

Objective: Develop additional sales for the product

Stakeholders: Founder and CEO

Budget: Performance based

Result: Launched crowdfunding campaign @ 630% of target.

11.Content and Web Site Migration

Objective: Consolidate 2 web sites into 1 platform

Stakeholders: Founder

Budget: $5K

Result: Moved all content and products to Shopify

12. Web Site Migration

Objective: Consolidate 5 web sites into 1 platform

Stakeholders: Founders, Chief Marketing Officer

Budget: $18K

Result: Moved all content and products from 5 separate sites  to Magento

13.Integrate Order Management Systems into existing systems

Objective: Provide 1 software application managing all products, inventory, customers and orders

Stakeholders: IT Director, Board of Directors

Budget: $250K

Result: Integrated products from 250+ brands, inventory from 5 warehouses and third party logistics organizations, online shoppers  and customers from 1,800 stores in Indonesia, plus SAP financial applications into 1 Order Management System (OMS).

14.Integrate Order Management Systems into existing systems

Objective: Provide software application managing all products, inventory, customers and orders

Stakeholders: IT Director, CEO, Owner

Budget: $10M+

Result: Integrated 150,000 products and inventory from 1 warehouses, online shoppers  and in-store customers into 1 Order Management System (OMS).

15. Distribution System

Objective: Reduce inventory turns, return rate and days to deliver

Stakeholders: CEO, procurement, distribution

Budget; $5M

Result: New 80K sq ft distribution system processing 10K-30K orders per day, inventory turns increased to 18 from 3, return rate reduced from 5% to < 1%, days to delivery reduced from 27 days to 3.1