Why Us?

Like any craft, building and remodeling businesses require experience. We have build over 30 businesses and remodeled more than 100. Not every remodel project is a success. Occasionally we engage with an inventor (business owner) who knows they need to change but are not willing to take the required steps. Change requires commitment not only in thought but actions as well.

Every business needs some help and here’s a list of our areas of expertise:

Accounting We can validate your books and provide help in specific areas. We can keep you from running out of cash.
Bookkeeping Full or part time.
Business Plan We can develop 1-5 year business plans so you have a map of your future.
Customer Support Customer Support staff (CSR’s) is critical to impressing your customers. We can help with their training, scripts, and the software that works for you.
Distribution Streamline products moving in an out of your business.
Financing Need a little extra to help your cash flow? We can make sure you have the right documentation and introduce you to the right people.
Information Technology Does your IT systems actually help your business or just cost money. We can make your systems make you money.
Inventory Inventory isn’t like wine – it doesn’t get better with age. We can help with forecasts, increase turns and reduce obsolesce.
Logistics We can save you 10-20% of your shipping costs.
Marketing Need to improve your image? We can develop a marketing plan to make you stand out.
Metrics and Reports Sometimes a dashboard is all you need. Other times you need to dig deeper into the numbers to ensure your teams performance is at the highest possible level.
PCI Compliance The cost for not being PCI Compliant can easily reach millions of dollars. We can make sure you have the right level of PCI compliance for your business.
Procurement The right contracts with suppliers will increase your valuation. We can help with contracts and sourcing.
Sales When you need more revenue, we can develop and manage a sales team or develop entirely new sales channels.
Security Is your network secure? We can make sure.
Supply Chain Supplier relationships go deeper than purchasing. Supply Chain Management (SCM) manages a bigger picture than simply purchase orders.
Technical Support Pre and Post sales technical support makes sure your customers are always happy. We can help with their training and the software that works for you.
Valuation Thinking of selling? Or getting a loan? We can provide an independent third party valuation of your business.