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Sheryl Sandberg Says These 9 Words Are the Best Career Advice She Ever Got


These are great words and should be repeated constantly until they become part of your personality:


“Stop being an idiot. All that matters is growth.”


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Top 9 eCommerce Software

Here’s another story from someone who has never used an eCommerce software app. When you actually sit down and enter hundreds if not thousands of products into an online store like we have, you quickly learn what is good and bad. Some of these apps have lots of customers and make lots of money. But that doesn’t make them GOOD,… Read more →

Best App

Its not very often we find an app that does exactly what is says. For 2014, we vote CAMSCANNER as the best app. You can go to your app store – Apple or Google, and download it. Its simple – take a picture of a document and CamScanner converts it to an image or a pdf. So when you find… Read more →

Selling to Catalogs

Here’s some great information from Inventors Digest about selling to catalogs: Today, in the U. S., about six percent of retail sales occur via the Internet, – See more at: The sweet spot is $19.95 to $29.95. If an inventor is developing a product that can sell for $4.95, it may be a good idea to upgrade it with… Read more →

Are You an Inventor?

As you have read on this site, we consider every business owner an inventory. You have “invented” something special and are working night and day to feed your family (and some close friends). Take a look at this article – “8 Things Entrepreneurial People do Differently“. “Bestselling author, investor, and entrepreneur James Altucher says that for him, “Being an ‘entrepreneur’… Read more →

#1 Issue Inventors Ignore

The #1 issue Inventors ignore is their intellectual property (IP). And we’re not talking about patents. Every Inventory we’ve worked with doesn’t know where their artwork is. If you want a brochure, logo, or letterhead, Inventors find a designer and pay them to create something they like. But if you want to change it or use it a different way,… Read more →

After Crowdfunding

Congrats on Your Crowdfunding Campaign! Now Its Time To Build Your Invention Into Your Business Creating a business requires the skills of craftsmen that have honed their skills over hundreds of projects. 28% of crowdfunding campaigns hit their target and even fewer build a viable, long term business. Inventors provide the most value inventing new products. Keep inventing and contract… Read more →

WordPress and Crowdfunding

Good Info from another site: If you want to create your own niche crowdfunding community website similar to the likes of Kickstater, Indiegogo or Crowdfunder, or if you simply need to build a website for a single project you’d like to raise money for, these WordPress themes are a great solution. The 10 excellent crowdfunding WordPress templates below will help… Read more →

Security is More than Credit Cards

We attended a forum on Internet Security hosted by the Innovation Pavilion and wanted to highlight the most important message of the event. Security is more than credit cards All we hear about on the news is hackers compromising credit card information (I.e., Target). But there’s so much more to security than credit cards. What about your client lists, pricing,… Read more →