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Best WordPress Plugin

We have tested over 300 WordPress Plugins. Most have a title and or description that makes you think it does what you need. But after a couple of hours of trying to figure it out, you delete it. Here’s the two best WordPress plugins we found in 2014: #1 – ORBTR Sales and Lead Management Most web site owners do… Read more →

WordPress and Crowdfunding

Good Info from another site: If you want to create your own niche crowdfunding community website similar to the likes of Kickstater, Indiegogo or Crowdfunder, or if you simply need to build a website for a single project you’d like to raise money for, these WordPress themes are a great solution. The 10 excellent crowdfunding WordPress templates below will help… Read more →

Themes – Free or Paid

Should you pay for a theme or use a free one? As we discuss in other posts – How Not to Pick a WordPress Theme – Never Change WordPress Themes – you can use a free theme or pay for one. When should I pay for a Theme? Almost never. We suggest you find a free theme close to your… Read more →

Never Change WordPress Themes

In other posts we discuss How Not to Select a WordPress theme. The primary reason you select a theme is to get the look and feel you like. This involves colors, fonts, pictures and navigation. But what if you can’t find the perfect theme? Our first recommendation is to change your design requirements. Be flexible in your design and expect… Read more →

How Not to Pick a WordPress Theme

There are thousands of WordPress themes available and it’s a long, tedious process to find the theme you want for your web site. When you search they all look good but here’s the primary things to look for; Site Title and Tagline – they all have this. Header Image – this allows you to easily upload your logo; you’d… Read more →

WordPress Recommended Plugins

As you can see from the list of almost 200 themes and plugins, there are not many that actually get used on multiple web sites. This list are some of the plugins we’ve tested on 5 different sites. As we continue to lean more about the different plugins and themes for WordPress we’ll update this worksheet. WordPress Plugins 1 (click… Read more →

Free or Paid Plugins

Continuing our series on PROBLEMS WITH WORDPRESS we going to talk about the value of free versus paid plugins. One of the values of WordPress are the hundreds of thousands of plugins. Most are free but some you have to pay for.  Selecting the right plugin takes a lot more effort than a Google search and 5 stars. After you… Read more →

Problems with WordPress

We are going to start a series on the problems with WordPress. We’ve been using WordPress for about 8 years and it is great for somethings but…. As software hackers realize there are 80 million WordPress web sites and billions of page views each month, some of them, certainly not all, see dollar signs. (Click here for a history of… Read more →