Crowdfunding and Social Media

Once you’ve gone through all the hard work of creating your message and building your crowdfunding (CF) page, the real work begins!

The details:

You better have already set up FACEBOOK, TWITTER, YOUTUBE and GOOGLE+ pages. Don’t wait till the CF campaign goes live because you’ll waste the first few days of your campaign. These steps are boring but are NOT OPTIONAL. Don’t be afraid to get your partners, employee’s, customers, friends and family involved. Everyone you know is critical to the success of your campaign. You never know who is going to unlock the flood gates. NOTE: Make sure your message (Heading, Tag line, etc.) is consistent with your CF campaign on all social media accounts.

There are three critical steps to successful social media:

  1. Get Followers (a.k.a Likes)
  2. Follow potential users of your product
  3. Post comments (posts, tweets, etc.) about your product and the CF campaign.


A Twitter page without thousands of followers is empty and boring. Your friends, family and customers are the first group that must Follow your page. You also have to Follow pages from potential users (Buyers) of your product.

  1. Go to your Twitter home page. Search a pertinent subject. Example: For a Pain Relief device, search for subjects that relate to pain relief, i.e, Pain Management, Physical Therapy, Sports Fitness, etc.
  2. Follow ALL OF THEM!  You should set a target in the Tens of Thousands you are “Following”.
  3. Tweet Schedule. Expect to post a new tweet EVERY HOUR if not more frequently!


Facebooks is similar to Twitter (above) except its a little bit harder to get a list of the subjects. From the FACEBOOK menu on the left, slick on LIKE PAGES. Then go to the top of the page and type in your search words in the search box.

Facebook has Groups and some of them are Closed. If you can’t click on LIKE, then its a closed group. If its a Public Group, you can click on every member. But the same names should appear in the first Search results which is faster way to like them.

Step 2

Now that YOU are following others your pages become full of what others post. Two important steps to continue the social media frenzy:

  1. Like what they post because you increase the chance they will like you
  2. Learn from what they post. Most people don’t know what comments to post. More importantly, you have to learn how to convey a complete story in 150 words or less.


Twitter is a different approach than Facebook and you have interact differently. On your Twitter home page you’ll see all the Tweets from those you selected to follow. Look for relevant Tweets. You don’t have to think their special or unique, just make sure there’s a connection to your company, product or services.

At the bottom of the Tweet look for two arrows forming a square. (There a sample pic below). Click on this and a window appears asking if you want to RETWEET to your followers. Click on RETWEET.

Realize how you handle social media during a crowdfunding event is different from when you are operating a business. Right now you are flooding the social media markets with your message. During this process you’ll find the right company’s and people to follow and they will eventually follow you. After the campaign, you’ll get rid of all those that ignore you.

Twitter may also show you Tweets that you have not Followed. Make sure you click on the name, go to their page and FOLLOW THEM.



Facebook makes it easy to like everything you see. Just scroll down the page and click on LIKE for anything that’s closely relevant.

The more you like the better the chances they will like you. Plus every Like, Follow, Tweet or Retweet is more set of eyes reading about you.

Google Circles

Google Circles, Google Plus, Google+ (or whatever you want to call it) has it own set of rules.