How to Measure a Crowdfunding Campaign-Part 3


You MUST connect your campaign to every possible social media site! Without social media, your campaign will be a failure. And you should have started your campaign 6-12 weeks BEFORE your campaign starts!

Where to Find: From your Facebook page, click on INSIGHTS. Make sure you are on the COMPANY page, not your PERSONAL page. And good luck adjusting your metrics to cover the entire campaign calendar period. Facebook only allows you to view the LAST week’s worth of data for most of the metrics.

Assuming your social media is working and you have thousands of followers and likes, here is how to set up your campaign metrics.

Column 1 – LIKES: Total the LIKES displayed on your FACEBOOK page. To get to your metrics on Facebook, Click on INSIGHTS at the top of the screen. Remember, on Facebook you have two pages: One for your personal page and one for your business. You can switch between the two by clicking on the down arrow at the top left of the Facebook menu.

Column 2 – REACH: Reach is like VIEWS. It is the number of people who viewed your page. Enter the total.

Column 3- SHARES: This is the number of times viewers share your Posts.

Column 4 – COMMENTS: This is the number of comments posted on your page.

Column 5 – POST CLICKS: This is the number of times a viewer has clicked on posts on your page.

YELLOW ROW: Remember from PART 2 – this is the daily total.

crowdfunding metrics - facebook

Other Comments: Realize all other metrics are cumulative – a total of all activity. Facebook only shows weekly activity.

What you are looking for: Increases in every category is a positive sign. You can click into the FACEBOOK INSIGHTS to actually see which posts are getting the most traction.

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