How to Measure a Crowdfunding Campaign-Part 2

The Campaign

Depending on your platform you may have different metrics. These are the ones that are most important.

Where to find: This information is going to be different depending on your crowdfunding campaign platform. Kickstarter, Indiegogo and others each have the own Dashboard.

Column 1 – RAISED: Every day enter the amount of money contributed/pledged since the beginning of the campaign.

Column 2 – FUNDED: This a percentage – the total you want to get for your campaign divided by the amount RAISED so far.

Column 3 – CONTRIBUTORS: The total number of contributors since the beginning of your campaign.

Column 4 – VISITS: The total number of visits since the beginning of your campaign. Realize VISITS are the total visitors not “unique” visitors.

Column 5 – REFERRALS: The total number of referrals since the beginning of your campaign. Referrals are an attempt to define who or what is the source of referrals to your crowdfunding web page. While this knowing the source of Referrals is critical, this is not a very accurate source of data.

RED COLUMN/YELLOW ROW: This carries across all columns and is a total for the DAYS activity. The rest of the numbers (Except Facebook) are totals since the beginning of your campaign.

The Campaign
The Campaign

 What you are looking for: MORE and MORE! Everyday each category should be increasing.

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