How to Measure a Crowdfunding Campaign-Part 4


Remember on your Twitter account you have both a personal and a business page. Make sure you are on the business page. Click on your ICON or Name in the top right of Twitters menu. You can switch between pages here. Make sure you are on the Business page.

Where to Find: Your Twitter metrics are the easiest to find. There are just below the image of your company/product.

Column 1 – TWEETS: This is the total number of Tweets you have posted. You should be starting with a number much greater than 1. If you started your social media 6-12 weeks before your campaign you should have hundreds, if not thousands.

Column 2 – FOLLOWING: This is the total of Twitter pages your are following. Realize Twitter places limits so you can’t follow more than 2,000 UNLESS you have lots of Followers. You can search Google or Twitter and find out more about Twitter limits.

Column 3 – FOLLOWERS: This is the number of Twitter pages following YOU.

Column 4 – FAVORITES: This is the number of Twitter pages who have marked one or more of your tweets as a Favorite.

YELLOW ROW: Remember from Part 2 – this is the total activity for a single day.


Crowdfunding metrics - Twitter

What to look for: More – Every day you should get more Tweets – because you posted them; and Followers.

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