How to Measure a Crowdfunding Campaign-Part 5


Your YouTube metrics will not change a lot unless you have a viral video. The views of your video on your crowdfunding page and web site do not show up as unique views in YouTube’s metrics.

Column 1 – VIDEOS: This is the total number of videos you have posted on YouTube.If you have more than one video, you will need to create new columns for each of your videos.

Column 2 – COMMENTS: This is the total of comments posted directly on your YouTube page.

Column 3 – VIEWS: This is the number of views of your video.

Column 4 – SHARES:  The total number of times your video has been shared

Column 5 – LIKES: The total number of Likes of your video on YouTube.

YELLOW ROW: Remember from Part 2 – this is the total activity for a single day.

crowdfunding metrics - youtube

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