Every business owner is an inventor!

As a business owner you know what you want from all your hard work and it probably comes down to 2 things: 1) Smiles and 2) Money. Smiles make you proud of your effort. Money rewards you for your effort.

We ask every client to define the type of business they want to own and break it into these 3 categories. We also provide a high level summary of the area’s we engage to build a sustainable foundation.

1)      Lifestyle business = Revenue average $5,000 per month; web site management, e-commerce, sourcing/shipping/fulfillment, customer service, financial forecasts

2)      Nice Lifestyle business = 6 Figure Profits – Revenue average $30K per month; all the above plus sales channel development (wholesale/retail), locating influencers; inventory staging, social media (buying “Likes”) and maybe international sales

3)      Luxury Lifestyle business = 7 Figure Profits – Revenue average $150K-250K; all the above plus product placement (TV, Retail, coupons) cash flow and financial management

Every business is different and every owner has different goals. We work with you to make sure you attain your goals, in your time frame.


3 Ways to Engage


Coaching is an asset of experience and knowledge to help accelerate your business objectives.


Consulting builds strategic vision – a map describing where you want to go.

Tactical Consulting

Our unique and valuable process where we roll up the sleeves and actually work along side your team learning and teaching.


We’re located in Colorado, U.S.A.

We can be reached at 720.254.1706 or BryantDelaney [at]