This Is Totally Why You’re Not Successful Yet

There is no shortage of excuses for failure, and even more for mediocrity. This list will make you aware of the real truth about your ability to be successful. You’re frustrated. No matter how hard you work, how much you plan, or how badly you want it, you are not living the life of your dreams. …

1. You Don’t Have a Plan

2. You Stay Within Your Comfort Zone

3. You Just Don’t Want to Work That Hard

4. You Just Don’t Want to Work That Smart

5. You Feel What You Have Is Enough

6. You Don’t Want the Risk

7. You Think You Can Do It by Yourself

8. You’re Not Good at Selling Your Dream to Others

9. You Don’t Value Time Properly

10. Your Glass is 80% Full

11. You Have Excuses for Everything

12. You Take No Personal Responsibility

13. You Don’t Want a Great Idea, You Want YOUR Idea to Be Great

14. The Kiss of Death: You Don’t Know What Success Means to You