Here’s some great information from Inventors Digest about selling to catalogs:
  • Today, in the U. S., about six percent of retail sales occur via the Internet, – See more at:
  • The sweet spot is $19.95 to $29.95. If an inventor is developing a product that can sell for $4.95, it may be a good idea to upgrade it with beneficial features so that it can be priced at $9.95, for example – See more at:
  • How to Contact Catalogs: By e-mail, and without any attachments. They won’t open attachments. And they don’t want snail mail. So that means that your sell-sheet has to be condensed, and placed in the body of your e-mail. Describe your product; show a color picture of it; tell a few of its benefits, strongest first; and offer a free sample. (Do not send unsolicited samples.) Then, give your name and contact information, and add a couple of testimonials below your name. This arrangement keeps your information brief, and to the point until the buyer is interested, and wants to know more. Don’t distract your buyer with an amateurish sales pitch such as, “Your customers will definitely want to buy this great product,” etc.