Here’s another story from someone who has never used an eCommerce software app. When you actually sit down and enter hundreds if not thousands of products into an online store like we have, you quickly learn what is good and bad. Some of these apps have lots of customers and make lots of money. But that doesn’t make them GOOD, it just means the people using them haven’t tried anything else. Realize when you start your store you are probably not going to want to change anytime soon. So do you research upfront.

Take a few moments and write down what you want from your store.  Here are the main points we see that every eCommerce app have problems with:

  1. Multiple Prices: Pricing your products sounds easy, but it gets complicated based on your eCommerce app. Do you give quantity price breaks? Do you sell to dealers/resellers and end users? Do you have some customers you give special pricing?  Magento gives you the most flexibility for pricing levels and can assign a specific price to one or multiple customers.
  2. Multiple Customers: Say you give 10% to one customer, 15% to another, you have a few choices. Some apps require you to create Catalogs for each customer. This requires you have multiple copies of the same product each with a different price. If the price/cost of the product changes, you have to change each product in every catalog.
  3. Multiple Stores: Most of you don’t think you will ever have to manage multiple stores. But wait! Do you want to sell on Amazon or eBay? Then you will have multiple stores. Choosing the wrong eCommerce app will mean you are managing customers, inventory, products and orders for each store.
  4. OotB (Out of the Box): eCommerce apps like to include many features Out of the Box then provide plugins or third party apps allowing you to customize your store. These plugins sound like a great idea but can complicate the management of your store. Simple tasks like collecting emails for newsletters require a plugin; selling on Amazon requires a plugin; backing up your store requires a plugin and even sending emails may require a plugin. While there are free plugins for most eCommerce apps, most of the free ones give you what you pay for – very little real functionality. You can easily spend hundreds of dollars per month, or 10-50% of your profit, on plugins.

We always recommend creating a TEST site to determine if the eCommerce app will work for you. A free trial allows you to setup a few products and customers, test a few orders and see if it works they way you want it to. The BEST option is to talk with the Company Carpenter and let us ask you questions and make a recommendation. We can even setup a test store for you.


Of the 9 on this list we only recommend 2 – Shopify and Magento.

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