Turnovers are the risk of death! All too often sales, more commonly referred to as Business Development, turns a lead over to CSR’s too early. The risk of changing the point of contact is loss of a customer.

People buy from people they trust. When the front person (sales) has spent lots of time building a relationship with a prospect, they are building trust. Then when someone else takes over, the relationship starts all over again.

How to prevent turnover loss? Get involved.

The CEO, or at least a “C” level, should reach out to every prospect and every client. Why? To create a bond between the prospect/client and the COMPANY, not just the sales personalities.

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Closing a sale doesn’t guarantee a happy customer

Recently, I went through the process of choosing a new SaaS product for my agency (out of respect for all involved, I’m keeping the name of the company and the kind of product they sell confidential).

I researched several providers and talked to sales reps from each – this was a big-ticket purchase, so I wanted to be sure I had as much information as possible. After a few weeks, I thought I’d made the right decision.

The problems started shortly after. My support tickets took an average of 3-5 days to get a response. I couldn’t get emails back from my “dedicated” account rep (who then bailed on one of our two hour-long onboarding calls and never responded to my requests for an update).

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